The breaching aerial display of the Humpback whale is a prized sight in the animal kingdom. These 50 footers hurl themselves out of the water to come crashing down with an impressive splash – the equivalent of a fully loaded logging truck! Their annual migrations can cover 2/3 of the earth’s circumference and they are found in all the major oceans.  

Hunted to near extinction a moratorium in 1966 began a vital recovery of this magnificent aquatic mammal. They are identified and tracked by fingerprint-like tail fluke patterns. The males are famous for their 10 to 20 minute songs that can be heard 20 miles away (notice the antique iron Singer sewing machine casting inside the sculpture). It is sort of a barbershop quartet as all the males of a population sing the same song! They employ a unique fishing technique known as a bubble net to disorient and corral schools of fish.

“Old Faithful” has a blowtorch for a spout (geysers are produced by fire and water).  On close examination one can find a little man inside straddling the torch handle.  I’m told Jonah of biblical times spent 3 days and nights inside a great fish (for refusing to spread the gospel to folks he didn’t like much in Nineveh). It appears he has identified the torch as a source of oxygen as well as acetylene, which helps explain his death grip on the oxygen knob. 

The tail is fashioned from an old rusty scoop shovel. That is a good example of how I specialize in using objects that have had a former life and been tossed aside as nearly worthless – now becoming more valuable than they ever were when society accepted them. I’m not the first at this.  Norman Rockwell preferred buying well worn clothing off of people’s backs for models to use in his studio while illustrating realistic cover paintings for the Saturday Evening Post magazine a couple of generations ago. He, too, understood the artificially unattainable patina of well worn objects.


INVENTORY of  “OLD FAITHFUL” (steel humpback whale) • 2013

Garden hand spade handles
Channel lock pliers
Motorcycle muffler
Hatchet head
Treadle sewing mach base
Harness buckles
Ball bearings & races
Various nuts & zerks
Sprocket, nut, gears
Cultivating disk plow
Exhaust pipe
Scoop shovel
Spoons & nuts

Dorsal fin
Song maker
Tail parts


Fabricated one of a kind.

46" H x 36" • 48" nose to tail • 48 lbs.

Available - please contact for a quote

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