scrap metal

Greg CongletonI was raised on a cattle ranch along the headwaters of the Crooked River of Central Oregon. Granddad homesteaded there in the early 1900’s. It provided an excellent foundation for my 2 older brothers and I. At 2-1/2 miles from the nearest neighbor and 60 miles from town, we learned how to nail, bolt, and weld together solutions to all kinds of things. Wrangling cattle at 3 a.m., repairing miles and miles of barbed wire fences, and putting up 1,000 ton of hay were the anvil on which we were shaped.

By the end of grade school the artist in me was starting to itch so I sent in a drawing from a match book cover of the “draw me girl” and got started with an art correspondence course. That, along with later studies in graphic design, taught me the fundamentals of drawing.

I got a degree in business and spent 28 years as a carpenter and builder. This background has been a valuable asset for my sculpting work. I became intrigued by bronze sculpture several years ago and decided to try my hand at it. Books and workshops on the subject served to reinforce my affinity and longing for this type of work. I concluded that I am more of a constructive artist than an artistic builder and moved into sculpting full time.

Discovering sculpting was for me, a little like a bird discovering it doesn’t have to walk. It was obvious from the start that this could become a passion. Sculpting brings together everything I have learned and unleashes a creativity and joy of my heart like nothing else. This is what I was created to do.